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We offer web design & development solutions for small business and start-ups

Mobile first design & development

Mobile first, always

Today’s web traffic comes mostly from mobile devices so having a responsive website is a no brainer. We go above that and make sure the best experience is served on mobile devices first.

Mobile first design & development

Blazing fast

Themes and CMS’s might be easy to use and kickstart your project but the trade-off is on your user's experiences. Our approach is to build from scratch eliminating everything without a specific purpose.

Mobile first design & development

Ready to roll

Having a website is just one step in launching your business online. That’s why we go one step further and configure it to be ready for your online marketing campaigns, SEO strategies and we optimise it so your users have the best experience.

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VR Entertainment Centre

A fun and playful experience in order to express Virtuality’s core service - entertainment.

  • Booking system
  • Google Maps
  • Instagram Feed
  • Facebook Chat
virtuality website

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Landing Page

Used for marketing campaigns our landing pages are built to be fast and conversion optimised

  • Advanced Form Validation
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Tracking And Monitoring
  • Integration with any CRM

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+ every year thereafter


This is your business face on the digital world and you should take every chance to make it great.

  • Multiple Pages
  • Advanced Interactions
  • Social Plugins
  • Basic SEO

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+ every year thereafter


Your next big thing needs testing, so let’s make sure you make a good first impression

  • Product Definition
  • Serverless Infrastructure
  • Documentation
  • Cost Control


*FREE static hosting over CDN and SSL Certificate included!


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